Corporate Social Responsibility

It is our intrinsic belief that we must make a positive contribution to the welfare of people and the environment. Our activities meet the needs of the present generation without jeopardizing the potential of future generations.

Below you can see what our results so far have been

  • We offer employment to people who have difficulty finding a job under normal circumstances.
  • Recognized training company by the Sectoral Institute for Transport and Logistics.
  • Recognized Ecabo training company.
  • Approved traineeship company for Hanze University College
  • We offer browsing work placements for high-school students from Almelo and Hoogezand.
  • Production of fire hose boxes subcontracted to the Winschoten Social Employment Agency.
  • A covenant in which all Van Ginkel group staff undertake not to use their smartphone while driving a vehicle.
  • Participant and driving force in Fairtrade in the municipality of Winsum.
  • When our suppliers offer their annual contracts, we require a CSR presentation.
  • Fairtrade coffee in the canteens.
  • We are working towards far-reaching cooperation with our partners, where we want to share our knowledge and experience.
  • All of our waste is sorted before disposal and is suitable for reuse.
  • We're a collection point for scrap plastic pipeline systems.
  • All of the lighting in our company buildings has been replaced by LED lighting.
  • Gas-fired HCV boilers in Hoogezand and Haaksbergen have been replaced with heatpumps.  
  • An additional step taken every year to reach a better position on the CO2 performance ladder.
  • All company vehicles are 100% electric cars.
  • Procurement of green electricity and gas.
  • Communication is becoming increasingly digital, reducing paper consumption.
  • All the packaging materials we use are 100% recyclable.
  • At our Hoogezand branch, we are participating in the so-called "Koploperproject". For more information go to
  • Solar panels were installed at the Haaksbergen and Hoogezand site in early 2020. Since then we are fully self supporting on electricity.
  • The companys that clean our locations only use 100% natural cleaning agents.
  • The company's that maintain our gardens on the Hoogezand and Haaksbergen site's do not use chemical pesticides or tools with combustion engines.

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